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No fuss 3-hour LIVE Book            Writing Bootcam                                      You will learn:

  • Definite step-by-step guide that leads you to become a published author.
  • Practical and powerful tips to achieve the goal.
  • Proven methodology that works for, Fiction, Non-fiction, Anthology, Children and Poetry books.
  • Reach-out to readers across the globe.

3 Hours LIVE       15 TH June @ 02 Pm

@ 499 only

The bootcamp will help to know everything you need to power your way to the finish, build a dedicated audience, establish your expertise and authority, and finally get the proud recognition of being a published author.

Is the Book Writing Bootcamp for me?

More than 70% of the people WANT to write a book.

Only about 0.88% actually accomplish that.

Be assured, I can help you achieve your shared or hidden desire.

This Bootcamp is the right step for you.

You must attend if you resonate with any of the below mentioned points:

  • I want more clients and revenue for my business
  • I want to build my brand
  • I want to establish an ‘expert’ authority in my field
  • I want to excel in my domain
  • I want to write my ‘first’ book (or ‘second’)
  • I want the world to know me as a professional in my subject
  • I want to increase my earnings and respect
  • I want to create a legacy
  • I think I can write and build a career in writing
  • I have a passion for writing, but don’t know where to begin
  • I want to spread my message, expertise to the society
  • I have scores of creative ideas that can be channelised into stories and novels
  • I want to create bigger and better roles for myself

Don’t worry if:

  You’re not an expert in writing

You’re not confident about your English and Grammar

You’re not sure about ‘what topic to write on?’

What will the 3 hours Bootcamp do to you?!

We live in the world of dreams, aspirations and ambitions. The ones who walk the extra mile, make a calculated endeavour, go beyond the script, and live their passion always leave an indelible mark. The session would help you get there. It would prepare you to optimise your talent and abilities, and make you standout in the crowd.

To hold your own book in your hand, to see your name on the cover of the book, will gratify you beyond compare. The session will change the way you think, and your self belief. Your book will become the powerful resource to live your dreams and aim for the stars.

In tangible terms, your book will assist you to:

Propel your career

Create a writing career

Grow your business

Create a legacy

Establish your authority

Provide an ‘expert’ tag

Each of the above will push you closer to your goals. It will accentuate your self-worth and your expertise.

@ 499 only

Writing a book is not just fulfilling, it’s both an art and a science. 

Come, let’s master the art and make friend’s with the science in matter of hours.

What you’ll learn

In the 3 hour Bootcamp

Release the reason that is holding you back. Slice it, destroy it and bin it, and START WRITING YOUR BOOK.

  • The first step is always crucial and the hardest. You will learn to nail it with the word go.
  • Master the art of conceptualising the book.
  • Build the framework of the book to give it a defined look.
  • Imbibe the 4 rules of book writing which will transform your work to an extraordinary level
  • Revel in the wisdom of breaking your book into chapters. The why and how of chapters will bring elegance and value.
  • Clear not-to-do list will provide great value to you, and prevent you from making blunders.
  • Learn to write fast and systematically.
  • Creating a personified writing schedule will ensure promptness of meeting the writing goals.
  • Write like a pro.
  • Writer’s block, take a walk.
  • Practical tips to stay on-course.

Zoom through the process of writing from start to finish

4 powerful steps

Flag off the journey

Making a smart and decisive start to the book writing journey.

Writing right

Writing right Master the art of not just making the right start, but also writing right.

Ace the start

Learn to build on the writing.

Speed writing

Speed writing Ensuring the completion of the writing journey in good time

Unlock Bonus Worth
₹ 9999/-

Your registration for the Book Writing Bootcamp will unlock powerful tools and guides that will power your way through the writing journey.

  1. Earn an exclusive one-to-one session with the Mentor.
  2. Get a Writing Planner to ease your journey.
  3. Expert guidance for book designing.
  4. Get special guide for marketing and selling the book.

@ 499 only

Best investment of your life. Works across genres

The Bootcamp is for:



Academic Leaders

Academic Leaders


Coaches & Trainers


Self Employed

Doctors & Doctorates

Software Engineers

Your Lead Mentor

Dr Viveik Pandit

A passionate writer with more than 20 books to his name. He has worked across genres, and penned varied books which include, novels, short stories, non-fiction, coffee table books and even children books. He is also a professor, coach and a trainer. By his own proud admission — “I have found my oasis in writing, and I wish to empower people to create their own literature.”

Still Have Doubts?

Perfect question!

We are committed to providing the best, and to cover a comprehensive landscape of people. A talent needs a push, a nudge. We have kept this program economical so you won’t have any excuse not to join the program. So, common, what are you waiting for. It’s a small investment for a great value ahead.

Please scroll to the top of this page and you’ll find the date.

Once you register, the support team will add your number to a WhatsApp group. The group will hold all like-minded individuals. The link for the Bootcamp will be sent in the same group.

This would be a LIVE session with Dr Viveik Pandit. You will be learning the valuable process to craft a book on the spot. Your complete focus and attention would be needed. Thus, there’ll be no recording.

Your relaxed and focused presence is all that is required. A notebook and a pen would suffice.

It sure will! Your mentor is well versed with different genres of writing. He has already helped many individuals reach their goals. Please feel free. Fasten your seat-belts and enjoy the ride.


Dynamic of bootcamp

  • The initiation process
  • The firming of the idea of writing
  • Setting the stage
  • Understanding the tools of writing and their usage.
  • Framing and honing the idea(s).
  • Working the plot.
  • Building the characters.
  • Ensuring language and flow consistency and excellence.
  • Handling the writer’s block.
  • Elements of writing.
  • Keeping the pace, time and promise.
  • Editing the manuscript yourself.
  • Finding a publisher.
  • Getting the book out.
  • Finding the reader.
  • Monetising the book.
  • Writing your second book.

@ 499 only

Writing, too is a journey, and is best relished. Your learning journey would be a mix of hands-on, experiential and tips driven feature.