I AM THAT is a learning program especially designed keeping professionals in mind. I AM THAT envisages to empower individuals with tools and handy tips to become more efficient, effective, EQfied innovators and communicators.

I AM T.H.A.T. is a dynamic and powerful program that implores, provokes and inspires the inherent values and talent of an individual to reach their true potential. 

I AM THAT is a comprehensive program that touches the important chords of an individual’s professional and personal life. 

  1. Emotional Intelligence and Wellness to become aware and empowered to better handle self, others and situations.
  2. Possessing effective communication skills. 
  3. Design Thinking formulas to string empathy, creativity and innovation in our lives and work.
This program can be customized to reach and touch different batch sizes and align with specific learning objectives. 


I AM MY HERO is a program that touches and nudges three important aspects of any young life (10 to 18 years) —

  1. Emotional Awareness and Wellness
  2. Becoming an effective communicator
  3. Leadership and Innovation synergy

I AM MY HERO is a comprehensive program that leads a young mind to become aware of her/his physiological, biological and emotional strengths. It guides and directs them to smartly manage their emotions and to meet their own goals. The process simultaneously aids the individual in managing situations and people.

I AM MY HERO aims to arm the young minds with powerful tools of Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Neuro-linguistic Programing (NLP) and Design Thinking.

I AM MY HERO program is a robust system to favourably energise —

  1. Making students emotionally strong.
  2. Operating in pressure situations (including examinations)
  3. Managing relations better.
  4. Becoming effective speakers, writers and listeners.
  5. Discovering the leader within.
  6. Becoming problem solvers.
  7. Developing art of creativity and innovation.
It took me two years to begin my first book (after I had decided that I wanted to write my first book), and only 6 months to complete it. I wrote my second book in less than six months. Subsequently, the time frame reduced, and today, after more than 20 books (varying genre’) I can reasonably accomplish the task in 2 to 3 months time. I say this with all humility that I have it in me to help you become a writer and a published author if you undergo my book writing course. FOR WHOM ? My program is for anyone and everyone who wishes to accomplish her/his dream, or simply aspires to write well or express oneself effectively. Individuals desirous of telling their story, leaders thirsting to pen a book on their domain, any unique idea or story that lies in your bosom. Well, you have taken the best first step.


The course will be run online and would include the following —

1. The initiation process
2. The firming of the idea of writing
3. Setting the stage
4. Understanding the tools of writing and their usage.
5. Framing and honing the idea(s).
6. Working the plot.
7. Building the characters.

8. Ensuring language and flow consistency and excellence.
9. Handling the writer’s block.
10. Elements of writing.
11. Keeping the pace, time and promise.
12. Editing the manuscript yourself.
13. Finding a publisher.
14. Getting the book out.
15. Finding the reader.
16. Monetising the book.
17. Writing your second book.


Writing, too is a journey, and is best relished. Your learning journey would be a five day investment, and it would be a mix of hands-on, experiential and tips driven feature.

Take that first step.
Gift yourself a wordy world.