There’s always a storm coming,
A force that shakes our complacency,
When you think you’re done and dusted,
When you’re secure, when things are fine.

Life is not meant to be stagnant,
It stirs and churns, a constant dance,
It makes you pay, not only for the lunches,
But for the moments of blissful ignorance.

When your guards are down, it strikes,
With lightning’s fury and thunder’s might,
A reminder that life is ever-changing,
An unpredictable journey, day and night.

For in the calmest of seas, waves arise,
Turbulent tempests upon clear skies,
They challenge our notions of control,
And test the strength within our souls.

Amidst the chaos, we find our core,
A resilience that fights against the roar,
In the face of adversity, we rise,
With every challenge, we claim our prize.

For the storm that comes is not in vain,
It whispers truths we often restrain,
It strips away the layers of illusion,
And grants us the gift of transformation.

So, embrace the storm that’s on its way,
For it brings the chance to grow and sway,
To shed the complacency of the past,
And discover strength that will ever last.

Remember, my friend, in life’s design,
There’s always a storm on the horizon,
But within its winds, you’ll find your way,
To a brighter dawn, a brand-new day.

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